Sweet Summertime


This summer in Texas was one of the most pleasant ones we have enjoyed since living here. The weather has been mild and almost enjoyable at times. We have had all sorts of family events and meet-ups with friends that gave us good reason to keep busy this season.

The different weather gave us more excuses to be outdoors and because of that, we got to enjoy some really spectacular stormy sunsets (like this one we captured from the rooftop of our apartment.)

A new farmer's market opened in our neighborhood so we could easily walk out our door and shop for our week's worth of fresh produce on each Sunday afternoon.

We met Matt's family at his Mimi's house in Palestine for a Texas-sized summer afternoon of celebrating Mimi & Jan's birthdays. It was rare to have the entire family together to share a big Tex Mex meal and dessert party. We love getting caught up with this special side of his family.

Our favorite moments at Mimi's are when she shows us around her beautiful backyard and shares the colorful family history; this trip gave us a chance to do both. It was easily a favorite highlight of our summer!

Different than any of our normal weekends, we spent a weekend in Houston with my two youngest cousins, Jake & Levi. It was an awesome few days full of all things boy!

 We got to see Jake build a trebuchet at his school, do lots of swimming, go to the theatre for the opening of Inside Out, grill steaks and cook breakfast, do crafts, go on coffee outings, and get bonus visits with my family.

New summer experiences, of course, also meant new restaurant outings. Ladies night at Dai Due for steaks, celebratory Salty Sow trips with friends, after work meet-ups in East Austin. You can't keep up with all of the new options in Austin, but we got to enjoy a great mix of old favorites and new samplings. Mmm, so good!

One of the most pleasant surprises of the summer came through trying something new with a friend. We went to an art class and hit it off so well with our teacher that the three of us then had to set up more chances to get together over the summer. Immediately connecting through interests and hobbies is really so fun, and I can't believe it took me this long to go to an adult hobby class!

It's hard to believe this refreshing summer is already drawing to a close. We've definitely enjoyed it while it lasted.

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