About 5 years ago, my fiancée tried to convince me that we were going to Iceland for our honeymoon.

For all of his persistence over several months, I had cold feet about such an extreme and cold destination and wanting to make me happy, he chose a lovely beach destination for us. There are a lot of times I have been wrong in our marriage, though I often won't admit it, but choosing not to honeymoon in Iceland is one of those mistakes that falls squarely on my shoulders (sorry, Matt).

Not only has the country become wildly popular since then, but it's also much pricier to visit. Still, as we began laying out our travel goals for the year, we both knew we had been missing out in a major way and that we were ready to check Iceland off of our travel bucket list.

Like many of our other travels, we only planned to be gone for an extended weekend to better accommodate work schedules, so we carefully prioritized our sight-seeing wish list, then mapped out the best route for fitting in as much of it as possible. We do love to travel plan almost more than the actual trip itself sometimes, and found many helpful blogs, features, documentaries and magazine spreads highlighting all that Iceland had to offer.  Checking instagram hashtags and taking in photos from both professional and amateur photographers is a tempting time warp that inspired several of our favorite stops.

After a two smooth Delta flights, a handful of incredibly memorable days, and several hectic months that delayed me from sharing these publicly, I’ve compiled each post detailing our trip from start to finish, including a more technical post created just for those of you who have shared interest in planning your own travel to Iceland soon.

I’m excited to share them with you here:
  1. Road-tripping Sudurland
  2. Glacial ice lagoons & geothermal hot springs 
  3. Exploring the Blue Lagoon & Reykjavik
  4. Our Icelandic itinerary & travel tips

We are fortunate to have been able to travel widely, but both of us think Iceland tops the list as our favorite vacation destination yet. We are already scheming about how to get back and what we will do on our next visit. Get there as quickly as you can!  

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