Austiny Anniversary

The longer we are together, the faster it feels like time passes. Somehow we've been married a wonderful four years!

We can only marvel at what it must be like to celebrate 5, 10, 20, 50 year anniversaries... Does it ever slow down or do you reach each new peak and turn around, shocked to realize just how far you've gone together?!

We decided to celebrate year four with a day of Austin-based fun. We played hooky from work (took PTO) and spent a quiet Thursday eating, shopping, swimming, and watching movies. It was the best! Few things feel more luxurious than sleeping in and brunching on a week day.

We had a slow breakfast at cozy Josephine House before browsing a European Antique store, Book People, West Elm, and driving to the park.

Because we were bored, and in the vicinity, we decided it was the perfect time to stand in a too-long line for some BBQ. We showed up at La BBQ around 12:30 and and hour or so later were chowing down on the BEST beef I have ever tasted. We both agreed that the rib was more of a treat than the brisket. We had enough left over the next day to make mind-blowing bbq tacos. I can't think of a more Austin-y food than a BBQ taco!

We were stuffed but still managed to slink around town, stopping at our favorite furniture store, grabbing iced tea, and then plopping down by the pool to try and beat the afternoon heat. Later in the evening we made ourselves presentable again and walked to iPic for a fancy movie night.

I found it a nearly impossible mission to sit through something as long as Mission Impossible 3 after drinking iced tea all afternoon, but the movie made for a surprisingly fun date and was a great way to end our Thursday celebrations.

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