Festive Fourth

We've been having a fantastic, fun-filled summer and have recently been able to spend quality time reuniting with both sides of Matt's family. I'm way behind in sharing pictures from both get-togethers, but we'll start with the most recent first: 

Each year Matt's Atlanta clan (Tabor/Merritt) get together to celebrate their lovely matriarch, Omi, who shares a birthday with our nation. This year might have topped the rest because we were able to have the entire family together to celebrate Omi's 95th year of life! 

The holiday weekend quickly fills up with family dinners, game nights, movies, swimming, birthday celebrations, fireworks, church, brunches, conversations that last late into the night and perfectly lazy hang outs back and forth between the Tabor & Merritt homes. 

Matt has five cousins and three siblings all born within a fifteen year range. The group has added  a new significant other or baby for the past several years running, often both, and so the family keeps growing by leaps and bounds. Each addition makes the reunion more exciting than the last. Garrett (and his Texas breakfast taco brunch tradition he and Cristie started) and adorable baby Samantha were this year's MVPs. 

The much-loved tradition of the 4th of July cookout & birthday reception draws several local friends together too. It is a welcomed chance to hear about all the news from the year before and share in the excitement of upcoming milestones. 

Matt and I always look forward to this date on our summer calendar, and as you can see, take extra care to pack our Red, White & Blues. 

As always, our Atlanta-based family spoiled us with their legendary Southern hospitality. We will be counting down the days until next year. Happy Birthday Omi! 

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