Memorial Weekend in the Midwest

For the last few years running, we have made a Memorial Day road trip to the Midwest. Our first stop is to visit Grammy and Papa in Hutchinson, KS. We have a grand old time playing games, frequenting the local pizza buffet, going on trips to Dillon’s, and taking drives down historic Main Street.

 On this visit, we also spent time in Blue Bird Books, went thrift shopping, and had a great deal of entertainment buying and opening a mystery bag from Ten Thousand Villages. 

Matt and Papa continued their Sequence winning streak, and we got caught up on HGTV shows we never get to watch at home. We love Grammy and Papa, and were extra grateful for the quality time together before papa’s big surgery. 

May is my favorite time of year to be back in the heartland- the colors are really vibrant with green pastures, amber-turning wheat, and dark blue stormy skies. I probably write this same thing every year, but for all of my moving around, this is when I remember that I am most at home back here. Kansas has an unassuming kind of beauty that sneaks up on you. Her sister states on either side are definitely prettier, but she has a great personality when you get to know her. We had a rainy trip overall, but it didn’t slow us down as we left Kansas to head to Woodhaven in Missouri. 

Our passage must have coincided with the annual Missouri turtle migration; we have never seen so many turtles at once and so we entertained ourselves by naming each one we passed.

This visit to the Woodhaven was very relaxing. We had good time to visit with Tim and Ann, but with several waves of rain showers, we couldn’t be as active outdoors.

We still managed to try out the new Mexican restaurant in Seymour, fit in a lot of fishing, and take a drive further into Amish country. 

The time away in nature is always refreshing and worth the drive. 

We hope that next year we can keep the tradition going! 

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