Feeling Festive


All spring we have been buzzing around from one party to the next... and it has been great! We have had so much fun being reminded of how full our life is, and how many special people we have that make it so. So here are a few highlights for you to enjoy from the second half of this season's holidays, showers and parties. 

Easter- Matt and I had a long, good Friday afternoon with a delicious BBQ meal out at Stiles Switch. After a lunch, we made a stop at Chocolaterie Tessa for grown-up easter treats. I had read about Tessa and her attempt to carry on a family tradition in her tiny little store-front and it was amazing to watch her crew work magic with chocolate. Tessa offered us samples while we perused the fun cocoa treats and themed gifts. I will be on my best behavior to try and convince Matt that I need a box of these chocolates for our next big occasion.  We were able to have a nice family dinner with the Baur family, and even had a bluebonnet photo shoot with our nieces after lunch. 

Kate's Shower- A former group of co-workers, turned friends, have become a wonderful support network and we have been able to share in more and more milestones with each other as each girl's family grows. We got to celebrate Kate's wedding, Kathy's first baby, Erin's special birthday/craft night extravaganza and several holidays. Most recently, Kate's friends invited me to help them host a shower to celebrate the coming arrival of Kate and Vince's baby boy. The shower was simple, fun and wonderfully Texan. Erin and Alex hosted, and their one of a kind cottage was perfect. (I'm super jealous of their cute place and it's central location).  

Easy Tiger- Our little friend group made a new year's resolution to try to schedule a fun, Austin-y outing each month. We've been off to a good start, but this springy afternoon at Easy Tiger was extra special. It's hard to beat their fresh-baked pretzels but a leisurely afternoon on the patio was pretty nice too. 
Jacoby's- Speaking of our friends, we spent another evening out with our group, this time on East Austin. We toured Live Oak Brewery and ended with dinner at the always lovely, Jacoby's. Our reservation was a bit delayed so the chef sent out a prime rib for us to share. Whew! I am still dreaming about that steak. 
Niece Weekend- Well, it wasn't quite a celebration, but Matt and I had a very memorable weekend keeping three of our favorite little girls in the world. Their parents flew to NY for some well-deserved time away, and we were entrusted with their care. We built forts, played in the park, visited family, read, played make believe, and kept way more busy than usual:)  

"The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate" 

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