Family Dinner Party

Living in Texas has put us right in the middle of most of our family, and while our calendar usually is crazier for it, it is really nice to be able to make it to all of the birthday dinners, holidays, ball games, reunions and events that families like to share together.

Recently our Heyen side of the family was able to drive in for a bit of weekend fun, and we were able pull off  a rare dinner party with both sets of our parents in attendance. Earlier in the day I made a few trips to pick up BBQ from John Mueller's and Stiles Switch, and we created a poolside picnic.

Depending on which list you consult, John Mueller's BBQ is one of the top 3 or 4 options for amazing meat, and I think it deserves the spot because it is also one of the few that you can secure without standing in line for a few hours. Stile's Switch is an easy go-to with my favorite smoked turkey.

The weather cooperated beautifully and we stayed put by the pool for quite awhile. After dinner, we walked through the Domain to catch the end of a live band performance and indulge at the nearby frozen yogurt shop.

Saturday morning Mom and Dad bought food on their way over from their hotel and we all filled up on a hearty brunch before heading downtown to explore the greenbelt on a family hiking trip. Again, the weather was perfect and we made it out before the paths started getting too busy. We played in the water at sculpture falls and started the trek back as streams of locals and tourists and dogs all came pouring in to enjoy the cool water.

After a stop for refreshments at Sa-ten', we took mom to East Side Succulents to pick out a very southwestern Mother's Day Bouquet. In true East Austin style, we had tacos for lunch (at El Chilito), and then drove back North to do some shoe shopping before the Houston crew had to head home. 

We always appreciate when mom, dad, and the boys take time out of their busy lives to drive over and see us, and we really loved getting to share even more of our favorite Austin places with them. 

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