St. Valentine

I recently read an interesting theory on the legend of Saint Valentine, the patron saint of bees, lovely outdoorsy things, and of course- couples in love. It just so happened that this year, we bailed on our fancy dinner reservation and instead spent our weekend in the great outdoors. It seems that would be a more appropriate way to commemorate Valentine if he did indeed share a love for nature.

Natural swimming holes and waterways are by far my favorite Texan fixture. They make the sweltering heat a whole lot more bearable, but they are also just so pretty and peaceful! We've been making our way around to all of the most popular ones, but for this Saturday, we kept close to home and went for a quick hike on the greenbelt in Austin, hitting Twin and Sculpture Falls. We went early enough to enjoy a quiet walk and a nice, long, and solitary rest at Sculpture falls with our feet dangling in the icy water.

 By the time we made our way back to the car on the 360 entrance, the trail and swimming spots were packed. We had worked up an appetite so we tried our luck in a few Eastside BBQ lines, gave up on the 2 hour waits and ended up caving in to the easy comfort food at Haymaker. Gruyere sauce on everything, please! Although we hate the unbearable summer ahead that days like these signal to, we do relish the treat of being able to spend an entire Valentine's day soaking up the sun, wading in cold creek beds, eating on patios, and leaving our door flung open all evening.

We did enjoy a more traditionally romantic dinner, but even then we opted for a tasty to-go meal and prepared strawberries from Central Market enjoyed from the comfort of our cozy, candle-lit and reservation-free home. My Valentine even let me build my own bouquet- a luxury that lets me not only enjoy the flowers, but also the fun of trying to design something uniquely my own. Central Market came through for that too with these pretty Texas anemones and inexpensive fillers; I'll take this $17 bouquet over roses any day! 

Ta-da! There are few things that brighten up a little place like ours like an airy bouquet. 

Hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day! We send lots of love from Austin.


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