NYE with Wild Belle

 For several years running, our New Year's Eves have been quiet. Really, really, quiet. And each year, as we've sat on the couch yawning and trying to stay awake to watch the ball drop, we promised each other that we would find a more exciting way to ring it in the following NYE. 

This year, we finally made good on that promise and and we snatched up a pair of tickets to Lambert's annual celebration in downtown Austin! Wild Belle, a fun brother-sister duo and one of my favorite little bands was playing in the intimate upstairs space. They had packed the room to the brim with balloons which made the atmosphere all the more festive. The band counted us down to midnight, and after the big New Year's toast and playing of Auld Lang Syne, the Lambert's crew opened a delicious bbq breakfast taco and coffee bar in the restaurant downstairs. 

Because it was such a cozy space, we had a chance to meet the band (we geeked out about saxophone brands) and introduce ourselves to several fellow concert goers. It was as classy as NYE concerts come- the most common attire being pressed Levis with a jacket and boots (Texas high-fashion). And…if I'm being completely honest, I didn't mind a chance to throw on all of my most sparkly items with the rest of the ladies. 

We had such a memorable evening, but both agreed it was still a relaxing and easy way to do it up big for the holiday. In fact, we enjoyed much of the show from a cushy sectional (baby-steps, aright?). With a short line to get in, ample parking options nearby, delicious food, a limited crowd, and top-notch entertainment, it really was a breeze. If you are an Austinite- we highly recommend that you start planning to celebrate your next NYE with Lambert's!

P.S. Festive Hats Included in Price of Ticket:) 

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