Jenny Ties the Knot


Jenny had the most gorgeous January wedding that ever was. In the most simple, heartfelt, but stunning ceremony I think I've ever been to, our African sisterhood got to witness the final of five weddings in the five years since we returned from a life-changing adventure to Kenya. Meeting this milestone and recognizing that all of us were able to be present for all five weddings made me feel pretty sappy, and as usual, we had a hard time not annoying everyone to death with our weird inside jokes and stories of our time in East Africa. 

But I'd be lying if I tried to conceal just how close those months brought us. Jenny especially, led our group with strategy and grace; she somehow managed to keep all five of us eating and traveling on a mere few thousand dollars for the better part of a year! She would approve our special runs for eggs and mandazi when we tired of our boxed meals or big portions of boiled potatoes, beans and rice.

I'm so happy to have shared so many days traipsing through the bush, trying to navigate new cultural experiences, and growing hearts for the special children we were so blessed to be allowed to love on. 

Jenny had a special gift for connecting with a few children that you could see just light up when she arrived- she indulged in their goofy requests to make them happy as clams. I think that is how the infamous home-visit turned photo-shoot with the family cow happened (as pictured below). 

I think the favorite part of my friendship is growing closer to Jenny as we returned home. She generously sends thoughtful treats, notes, verses, and makes everyone feel very nurtured. All of the reunions and weddings and showers have been so much fun to share together! 

Jenny's special weekend was no exception- her dear family friends hosted a beautiful bridal brunch for us. It was clear that she and Andrew had found just the right match in each other. Sarah kindly shuttled me from the airport just in time to sit down at a table full of lovely, funny women. It was a treat to see the newly-wed Erwin's who sweetly let us crash in their adorable apartment.

We spent the weekend giggling, watching Father of the Bride at the Carroll's, chatting, and rehearsing for the big day. One of biggest highlights was meeting all of Jenny's friends, family, and neighbors who  clearly had a heart for making the weekend special for everyone. 

The Stephen's family threw a special dinner in honor of the couple in the stadium press box and we all loved the fun views! 

The ceremony was perfect and the bride was the radiant (isn't her gown amazing?!) 

All trips back to Arkansas are made better by the chance to reconnect with dear college friends. After the wedding festivities ended, a big Harding crew got together to finish out the night. It is never long enough, but a chance to get a hug from my best-girl Bethany is a precious thing. I don't love having all of the people I love being so far-flung, but I love that when we do get together we immediately fall right back in stride as if we've never parted ways. I'm a lucky girl! 
Congrats Jenny & Andrew! I can't wait to hear about your exotic, globe-trotting honeymoon, and I hope you have the best time setting up house in North Carolina.

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