Around the Baur house, January means a month of birthday celebrations!  Our birthday getaway goal wasn't working out well, but that turned out to be just alright because we treated each other to lots of local fun instead. The weather cooperated and each of us enjoyed 80-90 degree days on our respective birthdays.

We took Matt to Moonshine Patio Bar & Grill to check out the chicken fried steak (one of his favorite meals),  and then a group of good friends joined us for a fun night at Top Golf. The weather was outstanding and having a work holiday on his actual birthday was a special perk. 

For my birthday, after a day of being spoiled rotten by my sweet teammates with a taco picnic, cupcakes, and lots of generous surprises, Matt picked me up at the office and we went swimming (outdoors in January- because it's Texas). Barton Springs was closed after a flood, so we headed over to Deep Eddy, one of the oldest pools in the state. The water was refreshing and we had fun meeting a few colorful, local swimmers. I quickly cleaned up for dinner in the open-air locker rooms that are filled with pretty palms. We enjoyed a second taco meal (again, because it's Texas) and tasty donut holes before heading home. 
The Baur clan also took advantage of having us close, and threw us a Chic-Fil-A feast, which we both loved. All of our family goes above and beyond to make us feel loved, especially in a month following the fatigue of a busy holiday season.

If these celebrations are any indication, it looks like this will be another year of fun adventures to be enjoyed with great food and even better friends! 

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