Fall in Manhattan


I recently traveled to NY for business and was treated to an unusually fun fall getaway in between my work duties for the NYC Marathon. 

After a whirlwind travel day and afternoon of work I was giddy about my first dinner out in the city at the infamous Minetta Tavern, a perfectly cozy Manhattan dive where it's hard not to imagine that all of the people eating around you have some sort of glamourous background.  

The next morning, the guys took the first shift, leaving the girls  free to explore the city. We walked to the park, and then walked the entire park, but more on that later. We grabbed a fresh-out-of-the-oven bagel from H&H Bagels (Midtown East location). Bree got a generous mound of lox, and I was swimming in the cream cheese on my everything bagel. Mmmm, nothing beats a great bagel.

We wandered around the city, window-shopping and watching adorably costumed Upper-Eastsiders scurrying around to Halloween parties. 

We walked the High Line before taking over the afternoon shift at the convention center. 

Later in the evening, we grabbed dinner at The Spotted Pig in the West Village. The food was great, but the people watching on Halloween was even better. It took forever to get back to our hotel on a rainy holiday night, but we were glad to have adventured out. 

In the morning, we changed up our teams and I worked the first shift at the convention center before having some free time to grab lunch, visit the library, walk through Bryant Park, and do a little shopping before dressing for dinner.

In the evening, we hosted a dinner for event participants and area supporters and met with a few more of our coworkers who travelled in for the event. After the festivities were over our team was really hungry so we headed to Veselka in the East Village for a late night food run. 

We didn't run into any SNL cast members, but we had a good time chowing down on pierogi and blintzes. 

The next morning our team took the metro, grabbed some bagels, and camped out on First Avenue just in time to watch the elite runners go by. It was exciting to see the marathon for the first time- the crowds were enormous in spite of the frigid, windy day. We had a good time trying to scout out our friends to cheer for and running into other co-workers, a few NBA players, etc. 

After lunch, Bree and I decided to head over to the Met since we were so close by. I could have spent days there, but an hour with the Impressionists was nice too. Since it was the afternoon of the big race, a cab couldn't be found and we ended up walking about 40 blocks back to the hotel to clean up for the night on feet that were already blistered. It took a lot of resolve to want to go back out for a social event.

We were exhausted as we left for the after-event meet-up, which felt pathetic since we were hanging out with a bunch of people who just finished running a marathon. After we said goodbye to the last guests, our tiny team walked down the street and had dinner at The Smith in the East Village. It felt so good to sit down for awhile, the food was delicious, and it had a memorable bathroom - strange, but if you go, stop by the bathroom before leaving. 

The next morning we had free time before our flight home, so Bree and I checked in our bags and headed to Chelsea Market for brunch at The Green Table and a little bit of shopping. We then grabbed a cab to Soho, so we could go for a tea-tasting at Harney & Sons Fine Teas, an experience that had been at the top of my NYC travel list. The staff was warm and took time to tell us about the background of the two teas we each chose to try. I brought my favorite home as a souvenir. Next we walked to Rice to Riches, a funky rice pudding shop that Bree was anxious to try. 

I wasn't feeling well and decided to regroup at the hotel before flying home, so I missed an afternoon adventure to Brooklyn. I was glad to have had the time to be a cheesy Manhattan tourist in the fall, and hope when Matt and I go back, we can hopefully explore the rest of the boroughs! 

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