St. Kitts in September

September is my least favorite month of the year in Austin. It’s just about the time of year that magazines and marketing campaigns aggressively warn me to ‘transition my wardrobe’ for fall, and all of my friends outside of Texas begin rejoicing about the chill in the air they are starting to feel while sipping their pumpkin lattes in cute fall sweaters. Meanwhile, I’m still sweating through my tank-tops on my commute every day, wishing for the thermometer to just dip below 90 for more than a few days at a time! While running away to a very hot, West Indian Island wasn’t really the coolest of escape plans, laying by the pool every day sure is a better way to cope with the everlasting days of summer.
Our Kittian getaway happened courtesy of my Aunt Kimela and Uncle Paul, who very graciously opened their beautiful vacation home to our family to use this fall. Matt and I jumped at the chance to visit such a gorgeous island. A few of our Austin friends were able to to fly in and join us, and while they had some hiccups with travel, the rest of the trip went off without a hitch. We couldn't have had better weather for spending a relaxing week on the island.
The Atlantic was just a few steps away from the house, while the calm and clear waters of the Caribbean were only a couple of minutes up the road. We thoroughly enjoyed spending time on both sides, snorkeling, kayaking, boogie boarding, and laying at the beautiful beach club at Christophe Harbour.
We woke up much earlier than usual with the sun rising before 6:00 a.m. and had to eat dinner early as most everything closed down with the sunset around 6:00 p.m.. It was an incredibly peaceful pace that we missed as soon as we stepped foot back in the airport to head home. I think we both agreed that this was our best September yet! 

Caribbean sunset. 

      Our gorgeous home for the week. Monkeys would play on the roof and wake us in the morning. 

 We couldn't get enough of the pool. We were so anxious to jump in after a long travel day from Austin-Houston-Miami and van ride out to the end of the island. 

    We really enjoyed preparing meals in the kitchen each morning and the first and last nights of our trip, Matt and I made dinner for ourselves and ate on the breezy patio. 

    Just one of the fabulous spots on the porch with a view of the Salt Lake (pictured) and the Atlantic. A perfect spot for star-gazing. 

  Matt and I took a Sunday drive around the entire island. There were really stunning views of sweeping beaches, a hundred quaint little churches, and very quiet old sugar plantations. 

   After finding that Ottley's Plantation was closed for the low season, we put aside our dreams of brunch and decided to check out the beach club in the neighborhood. 

I had an amazing lobster salad, Matt enjoyed the jerk chicken, and we both soaked in the incredible ocean view. 

We spent a lot of time taking advantage of borrowing the club's large variety of water sports gear. 

There were a lot of bocce tournaments around the pool. 

Each night we cleaned up for driving to dinner at fun beach shacks. One night we settled on the pizza/burger/wing place in town as we found it a little difficult working around the independence holiday closures. 

  One of our favorite surprises was the fantastic snorkeling at the nearby Whitehorse Bay. The water   was gorgeous and our entire group saw the most colorful schools of fish, shells, and coral. The rocky beach wasn't the best for lingering, but the Caribbean waters were calm and ideal for exploring. 

    We bought a super cheap waterproof iPhone cover and loved it! It totally does it's job for not letting a drop of water inside, and actually takes somewhat clear pictures. The above aren't our best examples, but for $9 it was a deal! 

    We loved our sunset outing to the Salt Plage so much the first night that Matt and I decided to go back on our last night too. The first evening we spent with our whole crew, enjoying a magnificent view and sampling all of these incredibly tasty tapas dishes. 

We took full advantage of the view and got in some fun photoshoots too. 

    We saw several sailboats, but on our last night Matt and I watched this man slowly shimmy up the top of the mast to fix a light. We also watched a sea turtle coast by going out to deeper waters and enjoyed spying unique sea creatures darting around the dock as we tried out all of the funky deck chairs. 

    The atmosphere and unobstructed view from here, added to the convenience of only having to pop across the road to get there, made this place a top trip highlight. 

     Our last morning we cleaned the house, packed our bags and were at the beach club when it opened- ready to take full advantage of our last morning. 

We snorkeled, Matt surfed, and I spent a lot of time at the end of the pool taking in this view. 

   Isn't it so ideal? Just as we came back outside from cleaning up one last time in the club's amazing outdoor showers and locker rooms, it started to rain. It helped make packing up to return our rental car a little bit easier. 

        Our flights home went a little smoother with some lucky exit aisle upgrades and before we knew it we were back in Houston enjoying one of Mom and Dad's famous homemade breakfasts (cranberry orange scones, eggs, coffee, and fresh juice..mmmm!) before finishing our drive on to Austin.  Our most relaxing vacation yet is in the books! 

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  1. Are you kidding.... I mean... seriously.... if you weren't in these pictures I would think you just downloaded them from a travel website. These pictures are AMAZING. I thought I was jealous before, but seriously. :) So glad you had a good time!