Atlanta for the 4th!


Every Fourth of July, the Tabor, Merritt, and Baur families come together to cerebrate Omi's (Matt's Grandma Tabor) Birthday, and each year the celebration grows as friends and family members are added to the holiday cookout. The entire weekend has become one big festive reunion and Matt and I were so happy to be able to fly in this year! 

We arrived on Thursday evening, were picked up by Tim and Ann who drove us through Chic Fil A (when in Rome), and then they handed us off to Mike so we could head to Stone Mountain to watch the laser light show and fireworks. Everyone was camped out on quilts at the very front of the lawn, the weather was perfect and cool, and we had the best time watching the show and hanging out with the big crew.

We loved getting to stay with Matt's Uncle Tommy, Aunt Robin, & Cousin Landon. We had talked so late into the night on Thursday that when Friday morning came around, we took our time eating a delicious breakfast, talking, and being lazy by the pool.

The afternoon at Ruthie's was set with an amazing spread of food, the traditional party hats and decorations, and games, bubbles, karaoke and more. At dusk, everyone left at the house made a caravan to the other side of the neighborhood to watch fireworks.

We had lots of fun with sparklers while we waited.

I really love the girls that are in the family and how our numbers keep growing each year through marriage and friendships. We all hated that Heidi and Tyler couldn't be in town too to make our group complete.

Holidays with this guy are never dull.

On Saturday, we had another perfect day of brunching and playing in the pool at Uncle Tommy & Aunt Robin's. Our favorite dog, Dixie, kept us entertained with her swimming antics while the guys played basketball in the pool. We were very generously given a car and the family's amazing tickets to take down to the Brave's game with Mark and Courtney for the afternoon. It was a fun game with lots of runs and I really enjoyed seeing Turner Field for the first time!

After the game we headed back to Aunt Ruthie's for games and desserts. We played Spoons (with consequences :), Celebrity, and had a Spades tournament before calling it a day. 

Sunday after church with the family, Ann took us back to the airport and we made the quick and easy trip back to Austin- happy to have had the great, long weekend with our Atlanta Fr-amily!

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