Seaside, Pt. 3 - Our Vacation

After our wedding trips, we decided to make the most of our flights and stay a few days longer in Seaside.

Sunday morning we woke up and went to house church at Rachel's parent's cottage. Katie, Taylor, Sara, Beth, and Carter were there too along with a handful of relatives and friends. After a quick stop at  cute bookstore brimming with colorful books and the best stationary, we took Katie back to to the airport in Fort Walton Beach before coming back to Santa Rosa Beach for a lazy afternoon. 

It was so nice to swim and sunbathe with no agenda or hurry. Our cottage was actually a third-floor mini-suite that had a little balcony with a gorgeous view and it made a cozy place to watch the waves and catch some t.v. as we cleaned up for dinner. 

We walked around, picking out food and people watching. We enjoyed gelato and then went back to the beach to chase crabs with a flashlight and enjoy a different view of the beach in the moonlight.

On Monday we completely broke our normal routine of getting ready for work and commuting and instead woke up early to watch the sunrise, went back to bed to sleep in, and then took our time getting our things together before going back to the beach. 

The water at Santa Rosa Beach is really perfectly turquoise and the sand is pretty nice too. 

 Our cottage was two down from the infamous Truman House, of the the Truman Show, which was filmed in Seaside. 

After a long morning on the beach we had lunch, got changed back into normal clothes, and made a quick stop for a Christmas ornament before heading to the airport. 

We had such a great time away at the beach and can't believe how gorgeous the gulf is in FL! 

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  1. What a PERFECT vacation! Love the idea of watching the sunrise then going back to bed, haha! And that beach looks amazing! So glad y'all were able to soak up the summer after a fun wedding weekend!