Seaside, Pt. 2 - The Ceremony


The celebrating continues…. 

Rachel is an incredible friend and I couldn't have been happier to be with her to celebrate her big day. Thankfully we clean up better for weddings than we did in Kenya. 

Rachel had a beachside ceremony that was simple and beautiful, which is very reminiscent of her style. 

The rain held off for the ceremony, and while there were a few funny tourists that camped out behind the ceremony, all of the details were perfect. A great guest list, cute little vintage hankie favors, a pretty color palette, post-ceremony refreshments and feet cleaning stations were all so thoughtful, but I was most excited that my wedding date flew in just in time to join me! 

After photos with the bridal party, we walked across the street where a gorgeous reception was waiting for us. 

The details were very impressive and we had so much fun dancing, having story time with friends, and enjoying dinner while it rained. 

When the party was over, we sent off Josh and Rachel with sparklers and they drove off in this beautiful white car (I am dying to see the professional photos)!  I am so thankful for time with Taylor and Sara and can't believe our fun college dinner parties led to weddings where friends and family are all reunited. 

We said our goodbyes to friends and then Matt drove us back to Seaside to the cottage we rented for the last few days on the beach.

I was anxious to hear all about his cousin Brooke's beautiful wedding and enjoyed the pictures he took that captured some of the fun he had at the celebration with family. 

We were very excited for Brooke and Justin, and they made a stunning couple. The Baur Clan cleaned up pretty nicely too. 

The details of their wedding were beautiful in pictures, so I can't imagine how dreamy it all was in person.

We were so blessed to spend the weekend celebrating with friends and family as we watched two people we love tie the knot with the perfect spouses! 

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