April Showers and Flowers


Springtime is the best time of the year around these parts. The wildflowers are in full bloom blanketing the roadsides in blue, the weather is mild enough to enjoy the lovely parks and patios all over town, and we usually see a tiny bit more rain! 

I love a good rainy day and while it's always enjoyed best at home, my new office is a fantastic place to weather a storm. The skylights and thin roof make the rain very audible and the whole place is really cozy considering most of our lighting is natural.  Add in the hot tea and I had a pretty good workflow going on last week. 

I have really loved the convenience of having Whole Foods just a few steps away and earlier this month when I stopped by on a Friday evening to put together some weekend meals, I fell in love with the hyacinths pictured above. They kept our home so fragrant with the same strong fragrance of lilacs and their deep blue color was the best. The next morning Matt and I went back together for a pastry and coffee date and came away with these daffodils for Ann, since they are her favorites. I can't get enough of spring flowers and how intricate, fragrant, and affordable they are- it's my favorite splurge! 

My favorite rainy night of this month was one Monday when we decided to have a he picks/she picks date night. He chose Captain America in 3D at the Imax, and I chose Elizabeth St. Cafe for dinner. Win -Win! 

Elizabeth St. Cafe is my (current) favorite restaurant in town. I love the classic french bakery feel it has,  but the quirky, colorful and modern decor makes it a really unique place. I really enjoy the French Vietnamese fusion of food and the eclectic local crowd that frequents the tiny boulangerie. 

We each had bun and enjoyed the fresh limeade. 

It was quiet since we arrived early, but then some of my coworkers were seated next to us and the outdoor guests were rushed indoors when the thunderstorm hit which made it quite the party! 

Pistachio Eclair and Espresso Creme Puff.  Espresso Creme Puff- Dare I say, my all time favorite dessert?!  

Just a few more shots of the place... 

My handsome date brought around the car and we unknowingly drove right into the heart of a hail storm as we headed to the movie theater. It was likely the worst hail we have been in since we moved to town, and the first time it looked like snow was on the ground. We made it safely to the movie though and all in all thought it was an entertaining!

Our final rainy adventure was a night we drove around Hyde Park, getting our Central Austin living dreams crushed, stopping in Hyde Park Grocery for a few items, and then picking out half price baked goodies from Quack's before heading home. We are sure summer is coming soon, but for now, we couldn't be more thankful for April.  

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