A Kenyan Wedding Reunion


I can hardly believe it's been 4 years already since I lived in Kenya. It was such an adventure of a lifetime and I formed an indescribable bond with my teammates, so naturally when Linzi, my Kenyan roommate got married last weekend, it was an exciting team reunion with the girls. The celebration also brought about quite a bit of reminiscing. 

Linzi and I shared this room together- spending each night under mosquito nets, trying to process all of the experiences, feelings, boredom, excitement, confusion, and all around adventure that filled our time on the continent of Africa.

When I say adventure- I mean rafting the rapids of Nile River, getting stuck in torrential downpours, walking endless miles through the Kenyan countryside, going on safari, fighting off armies of midnight ant invaders, and lots and lots of exploring. We woke up every morning to the most beautiful little children and probably won't ever have a better occupation. 

Linzi is always joyful and cheery and her wedding party reflected her spirit well.

We had such a great time reminiscing on college fun and hearing about what everyone is up to now.

Some of my favorite wedding guests were Rachel and Jenny's beaus. It was such a joy to see all of our guys getting to know each other while we tackled our honorary duties of wedding partying. Mom and Dad also came...and we all dressed alike. I guess violet is the spring color this year! 

 My college friends are the best- beautiful, hilarious, smart girls who have interesting careers and I loved the reunions to hear all about what they have been up to.

This was Katie and I's second wedding of the season- also the one where we both trimmed our bangs.  Can't wait for the next one!

Rachel and Katie keep me constantly entertained. I am so thankful I already have our next meet up on the calendar! 

Here is our African Team with the radiant bride! 

And here we are in a more 'traditional' Kenyan pose.

Congrats Linzi and Harrison! I can't wait to visit you in sunny Florida! 

Here's to your next big adventure! 

After the wedding- Matt and I stopped by Mom and Dad's to spend some time with the boys enjoying the nice weather by the pool before we drove back to Austin. Our whirlwind weekend was great and perfectly timed for pretty spring drives with lots of wildflowers along the way! 

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