What's Been Goin' On

Here is the rundown of the last few months: a little travel, a lot of friends and family, and a whole lot of change. 

My favorite night in February was when I went to watch Matt play one of his rec league games. He has been playing with co-workers for a long time, and for my first time, Matt put on a huge show for me and scored 20 points with just as many rebounds.

We made a trip to Houston in February to try and exchange mom's car that she had loaned me while Dad and the boys worked on fixing up mine. However, on the morning we planned to get out of town, mom's car wouldn't start. We ended up taking our car to Houston so we could catch Konrad's last basketball game of the season. We missed a little bit of the game but walked in right in time to watch him score! 

We enjoyed spending time with all the boys and eating great food with mom and dad. I also got to help mom finish putting together the final touches on Linzi (my lovely roommate in Kenya) and Harrison's Memorial shower. 

Reuniting with Linzi is always a treat, and getting to celebrate a big milestone with someone who I shared such a unique life experience with is really special.

Following our weekend in Houston, we came home and enjoyed a Monday off of work, which is always a luxury.  Mom and Dad drove all the way back to load up mom's car to tack back to Houston for work, which made me feel even worse for all the hard work they had to put in to helping fix our car- I couldn't pay them enough for helping us get my car in great shape again. On Tuesday, I got to meet up with Ann and the girls and we explored Mayfield Park together. The peacocks put on a great show for us and the weather was great!

On Thursday, I drove to Kansas to visit Grammy and Papa in their new home in Hutchinson. I loved the tour they gave me of town and getting to see where mom grew up is fascinating. It made me feel more connected with Grandma and Grandpa Heyen when I passed by one of Grandpa's favorite haunts (it was a malt-shop, which I'm sure will surprise no one).  It was really nice to be able to picture where Grammy and Papa are. I was sad that I wasn't able to drive on to check on Grandma, but it was a very quick trip this time around. 

 Friday we woke up early and drove all the way back to Austin together! My grandparents are troupers to put up with my driving and weekend traffic on 35 but it was fun to have a big roadtrip and we made great time. Grammy and Papa treated all of us to amazing Carriage Crossing cinnamon rolls...and a lot of them because I went in to buy them without realizing how big they were (and those sweet little Amish girls didn't do me any favors and instead went to town with my ignorance and grandparents money). I ended up with two huge boxes full of cinnamon rolls to bring to Texas!

 Matt and I were so excited to give Grammy and Papa the tour of our place for the first time. Mom and Dad drove in for dinner and we ate at Lucy's Fried Chicken on Burnet Rd. It was very tasty, chicken, fries, deep fried egg, and sweet tea pie to finish.

I love my Grammy and Papa and loved having time together in Kansas and Texas.

After a refreshing weekend relaxing at home, I was ready to go bright and early Monday morning for my first day at the LIVESTRONG Foundation. I couldn't have imagined a better first week. My role is one that seems very promising, my team is warm and welcoming, and the environment, staff, and even benefits are even more wonderful than I expected. I look forward to a bright future with an organization that is creatively working to make the lives of cancer survivors better. I don't think I could have joined their team at a better time, for both of us.

We celebrated our niece Mercy's 5th Birthday this month! We can't believe how fast she's growing into a girl from a little toddler. Having all of the Baurs in town to celebrate made the gathering even better and we made good memories that night. Below is a cute little model with Nana's bracelets that Mike had made to help remind everyone to be prayerful for Ann.

Matt and I love quiet weekends and we got a perfect day to sleep in, drove to the east side to see my office, and eat breakfast tacos at Juan in Million. Juan was there greeting everyone with a hand slap and hug and after getting stuffed, we drove around and saw a little bit of the SXSW madness. 

We caught a fun hockey game with friends that evening, and then before going home we decided to be spontaneous and go out for a late night wing run. We couldn't be more grateful for fun friendships with other young couples in our same life-stage and feel that the theme of this year so far has been building community with former coworkers, new friends, and ones we are getting to know better. Pretty well-done weekend! 

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  1. We are so glad you love us as we love you so very; much. Thanks again for our adventure with you, we had gobs of fun. Enjoy your blog so much as love to hear what you both are doing. xxxooo