Christmas Celebration in the Domain - Complete with Phil Vasser, Fake Snow, and 30 Degree Temps! 
Icy drive through Dallas- the night that Nelson Mandela died

We got iced in which meant Mike and Ann were grounded, but we still were able to have a weekend of fun watching our nieces with help from cousins Heidi and Tyler! 

Crafts, Cookie Baking, Story-Time

And lots of make-believe games. 

The next weekend we took a whirlwind graduation trip! I had the best day ever,  sleeping in on a rainy day, getting my nails, getting chicken and fries for lunch, and a long road trip West with Matt. We arrived in time for a networking reception and the graduation ceremony. 

I received my hood and diploma. We took a few pictures... 
And then we headed to Starbucks for several shots of espresso before driving all the way back to Austin. We enjoyed a meteor shower and sing-along to keep us awake until 3 a.m. 

For work I wrapped up a couple of holiday events and luncheons, 

and we had a company party complete with Paella! It was a delicious departure from the normal holiday fare. 

We drove La Grange for a lunch celebration of Natalie and Jamie's December engagement. It also gave us an opportunity to give Dad and Konrad their gifts. 

We had a very fun evening of holiday food and card games at our friends and then got to play dog-sitter for them the next day. Meet Arnold.

It was a busy month leading up to Christmas and we were on the road every weekend! 

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  1. That's it, I'm signing up for automatic emails when you post... I always look on here and there's been tons of new posts! SO EXCITED to see pictures of your graduation! That is really awesome and you look so happy in the pictures. Congratulations again! Let's go out to dinner (at one of the places in your previous food post) soon. Love you!