Feliz Navidad, Próspero Año Y Felicidad

This Christmas was a very memorable one - after an evening at the Heyen household jamming in all of our holiday traditions, we woke up for a leisurely Christmas day, delicious lunch, and fun afternoon at Aunt Shari's. Matt and I left later in the afternoon to drive on to Galveston to meet the Baurs for an evening of resting at the hotel. 

The morning after Christmas we hopped on a cruise boat with the whole clan set for Cozumel. Sickness  definitely dampened the trip and while there were a few ups and downs, it was a nice retreat, away and unplugged with family.

We ate so much! We met up at breakfast, lunch and dinner each day and enjoyed having a set time to find each other on the monstrously big boat. 
We were very grateful for such a generous gift from Tim and Ann and to have such a unique family experience.

The highlight of the trip was our visit to Cozumel and the tour of Ciudad de Angeles, an orphan's home that the Baurs have supported. It was very neat to see the setup and hear plans they have for expanding and serving more children. 

After a hectic afternoon of trying to get everyone back to town from the orphanage, Matt and I headed to a beachfront restaurant, the Sunset and Sand Dollar Sports, which was recommended to us as an excellent spot to snorkel. 

After purchasing a plate of nachos, Matt asked about renting snorkel gear but instead they loaned it to us since we had ordered the food. Best plate of nachos ever! We walked from our table (with aforementioned tasty snacks) right into the crystal turquoise waters as we pleased. There were several tour boats that came to the same area, which let us know we had indeed found the right spot, and we took our time swimming and admiring the brilliantly colored fish along the coral reef.

Thankful for our time together, we ended the cruise with prayers for health for Ann, and relief for all of the family that experienced sickness on the trip. 

Matt and I made a quick trip to Houston to pick up our bags and steal a few of mom and dad's tangerines before heading home. 

Mom and Dad always make Christmas very special with incredible food, generous gifts, and special traditions.

We were thankful that Christmas in Texas meant being close to so many family members. This holiday season has been full of blessings for Matt and I and we feel very thankful.

One big surprise of our holiday break was that Natalie asked me to be her matron of honor! We are excited for Jamie and Natalie and all of the fun planning they will have these next few months. 

I am taking some time to get my land legs back so we are thankful for a quiet night at home to reflect on 2013, look forward to 2014, and catch up on laundry. It isn't a glamorous way to ring in the new year, but we realize we have spent the last few holidays doing nearly the same thing and those years have turned out to be adventure and blessing-filled anyway.

 So there you have it - our Merry Christmas and wishes from us to you for a very Happy New Year! 

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  1. You were able to capture the highlights of the cruise beautifully! ;) I love that you got to go snorkeling.

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