Early Graduation Celebration


Last Weekend Mom and Dad came to town to spoil me with an early graduation celebration! I don't want them to have to drive all the way out to Lubbock next month for the ceremony, and this way we got lots of time to catch up enjoy a leisurely weekend in Austin.

They arrived in town and hung out with Matt at the apartment while I finished up work, and when I got home we talked and watched the news for awhile. We headed out a bit early for dinner and popped in a few shops until our reservation at North was ready. I chose the restaurant because a. Mom and Dad spoiled me and asked me to pick all of my favorites for the weekend, b. it is so fun to walk out our door and right to a beautiful dinner  and c. this place has a pretty string-bulb lit patio that opens to the main square of the Domain. We all made huge mistakes in what we ordered though except for Mom...because she chose the house made spinach ravioli that we watched the chefs prepare and it was mouth-watering good. Our pizzas and pasta were wonderful too, but just not the same caliber! 

Saturday morning we woke up and walked to The Steeping Room and Starbucks and sat outside with our coffees, teas, scones and muffins. After breakfast we visited Westover's annual Fair Trade Arts and Crafts Fair, Art Reach. Mom picked up a few fun items and then we loaded up for our next destination. 

I had been having a hard time trying to come up with an activity and then suddenly it donned on me that Laguna Gloria was opening and it had been on my checklist for a long time. It ended up being a perfect attraction to visit and we had a really great time walking around the gorgeous grounds that back up to Lake Austin. There were even some rare hints of fall color in the trees, but because its Texas, I was sweating because its that warm in November. 

The gardens wind around in a long path and the back of the house has a fun Italian feel that mirrors the mansion.

The next stop was a close one because we went right next door to the villa to visit Mayfield Park and Preserve. It is a public park with a big flock of bright peacocks that freely roam around. I was lamenting not having my real camera with me all morning because it was all such a refreshing and gorgeous little getaway. Thank goodness for iphone cameras. a

After the outdoor adventure, we drove to Book People on West Sixth and explored. My 'to read' list always grows exponentially when I stop in there because they do such a great job of stocking and there was a lot of fun holiday items out on display too. We walked to Whole Foods to grab food before changing our minds and heading down to El Mercado for a Mexican lunch. Since we were on South 1st, we ended up driving around to check out the fun bungalows and actually stumbled across the famous mural that had recently been revived. We of course took advantage of the photo op. If I was actually motivated enough to make a Christmas card, this would be a spoiler alert...but I'll probably just post in online and call it good this year :). We did stop in an open house that had a private patio with a perfect view of downtown and that was nowhere close to our price range our desired neighborhood. Fun to check out either way. 

After our day of adventures we headed back to the apartment to watch the UT vs. OSU game and relax before Mom and Dad had to head back to Houston. Matt and I are very thankful for their generosity to us and I feel very blessed to have such caring parents who gave so much time to celebrate with me when they already do so much to care for others.

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  1. What a special weekend! We have got to take the girls to the peacock park.