The Big Event

I've been to a lot of luncheons, conferences and meetings this year, but since January, I have been planning the details and working to put together a gala for the charitable foundation that I get to work with, and this last week, it was finally time to put on the event! 

We had over 200 people in attendance and everything came together beautifully with the venue, decorations, and incredible donations for our silent and live auction items. We have raised about $170,000 for the gala and the numbers continue to climb!

The highlight of the week was being blessed by my hardworking and helpful my husband. Matt spent several nights up late with me finishing spreadsheets, entering data, and he brought me dinner at the office one night and helped to get the supplies ready to go. He even volunteered to come and work the event registration! Matt was a pro at running the event software and patiently attended to guests all night. After the event was over, he made endless trips up and down stairs in a suit to get all of the decorations loaded it into my car (and it is still hot here!) He even set up with me until midnight after we got home until I had finished my homework assignments and we could finally crash. 

I am so blessed to have such a great partner! I really couldn't have pulled it all off without him. 

We had a great weekend - unwinding by going to see Gravity at the Alamo Drafthouse Friday night, sleeping in really late, getting the apartment back in order, and having a fun Sunday lunch with Karen, Patrick and Janie. We loved getting a hint of fall weather, which I celebrated by walking over to my former coworker/now neighbor friend's apartment for a cup of chai and then coming home to pull out the fall decorations. I also enjoyed having my kitchen filled with colorful event arrangements. It promises to be a wild few months of events ahead as the holidays approach, but I feel so relieved and thankful that the event that I got to put so much into went so wonderfully and was so well supported.

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