September was one of those months that seemed to drag on for us. It was not our best month in the year, largely due in part to my clumsiness. On the way out the door one morning, I managed to spill a travel mug full of hot water down my leg (impressive, right?) and the burn was on such a large area that I had a lot of pain and a hard time walking. Matt happened to get sick at the same time, so we both were pretty pitiful together for a few days.

If you are very squeamish, close your eyes for a second and scroll. 


Despite having trying physical and work situations this month, we still had a few very fun highlights that shouldn't go without note. 

We were able to attend two different UT Football games, the Ole Miss game with fun new Harding friends, and then the K-State game with Tim. It is always a great time to be in the stadium and with fan fights, cricket plagues, and a guy getting wrapped in the giant Texas flag, we were very entertained both times. 

The last weekend of the month we made a quick trip to Houston to take in a football game and spend some time with the Heyen family. Not being native Texans, we really are always shocked at what big production high school games are, and this game was no disappointment since it was homecoming! If you are from Texas, you know that homecoming means big mums, and if you aren't from around here well, this is yet another place where the whole "everything's bigger" applies. 

They aren't even the real mums and a few ribbons like you expect. In fact, the ones that I have seen before are actually the small 'guy' version that they wear on garters on their arm. Behold, the girl version: 

These giant messes of ribbons, feathers, and charms are worn on their neck, and these were the modestly sized ones! We saw ones decked out peacock feathers and even LED lighting. Apparently, they also cost a pretty penny the more involved they become (as in $100s). Sigh... I'd love for someone to explain how this wacky Texan tradition got started.

After the win, we went home for queso, cookie bars, and lots of football talk (Matt's favorites). Matt stayed up with Jared and Konrad playing video games until 2 a.m. so it wasn't any surprise that we all had a lazy and late Saturday morning. We went with mom and dad for coffee and pastries and then came back home for lunch. Unfortunately there was a torrential downpour right in the middle of Dad's grilling efforts- but they still managed to treat us to an amazing and huge lunch. 

 In the afternoon I went shopping with mom which was a fun getaway from work and all things boy. We then set in to getting three boys ready for the homecoming dance. We took off as they set out for pictures, and we enjoyed driving home in the middle of wild lightning storm. It was fun to be with the family and it made for a great little getaway and a nice break from a crazy work schedule before my big event.

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