We had a great day yesterday and it seems that as the weather is finally cool enough for us to enjoy being outdoors more, we are starting to really have a ton of fun with where we live. After getting breakfast and coffee out, we returned home from running errands to find terrible worse than normal traffic around home. After noticing a few more dogs around than usual (which is a lot in this city) it hit us that it was Dogtoberfest in the Domain!

Dogtoberfest is a time to bring out your dog, visit booths from vendors and shelters from around town, and of course, participate in an awesome costume contest for your pet. I think it may be even more fun without a dog, because it is about the best people and canine watching to be had. About every breed of dog you can imagine comes out for the party, and if you thought your dog's tutu or hotdog costume was creative, you will find that you were grossly underestimating the skills of your neighbors. And so, without further ado, here are some of our favorite costumes we found while wandering around our neighborhood: 

Two for one in this shot: the lion and the hotdog stand! 

Pictured below: Punkrock Dog, Batman and Robin, Scotty Dog, Scuba Dog, Princess Dane, and Scarecrow Dog. 

This next one was awesome: The Duke and Duchess of Yorkshire! (Not sure if she misspelled the sign or if I am missing another pun?) This little Yorkie seemed to love his top hat and glasses.

This Lone Ranger Pair was the crowd favorite. The tiny guy pictured had sleezy gold chains, glasses, and a whole lot of attitude.

And finally, the best costume out there.... Christina Puguleira from the Voice! Her owner was dressed as her hair and makeup crew. Of course, everyone was going crazy over her, but she just set there staring ahead and ignoring the commotion.

 That face kills me - She obviously loves the spotlight... and her humans! I think I'd have the same reaction if someone made me dress up like Christina Aguleira.

After watching all of the dogs on parade we went home, made a pot of chili, and then went out to see Captain Phillips at the Alamo. We thought it was an excellent movie, but were kind of horrified at a few people who laughed and clapped at some pretty traumatic and pivotal points in the movie- sigh- if you go see it we will tell you more. All in All- pretty fantastic fall weekend!

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