An October Weekend in Oklahoma

Last weekend we were able to head North for a much anticipated visit to Libby's Grammy and Papa's in Oklahoma. We left home in the dark but were happy to avoid traffic and have a quiet and quick drive. Luckily we didn't hit any of the OU v. Texas traffic, and Matt bravely wore his Texas shirt in enemy territory all afternoon/ We enjoyed seeing some changing fall colors and cooler temperatures all weekend. We pulled into town about 1:00 p.m., and spent some time helping to tidy things up for an afternoon showing of the house. Before the realtor arrived, we drove over to Sonic and enjoyed chatting and cheap Happy Hour drinks. After running to the bank we ran into friends and then headed home. When we got back, the flock of wild turkeys that frequents their yard showed up and we loved watching 16 of them pecking around the beautiful backyard.

Since we are cooped up in our apartment or offices most of the time, we always enjoy getting out and working in the yard whenever we get to visit.

Grammy had prepared her famous chicken and noodles and homemade bread for dinner Saturday, and she pulled out her grandmother's ricer to show me how it worked. She had told me her mother, who we all called Granny, used to rice potatoes every Sunday when she'd make fried chicken for the whole family. We gave it a shot, and after realizing how much work it is, decided maybe it is best for making applesauce, and that our other modern tools are kind of nice! Matt and I always enjoy talking with Grammy and Papa and hearing all of their stories and advice.

(Grammy has hands of steel- look at her just happily holding a hot pot like isn't a thing :) 

Sunday morning we all went to church together and I got to see a lot of familiar faces. We ate at a tasty Mexican restaurant on the Eastside and came home to get ready for yet another showing. We visited at a friend's home to pass the time, and then headed back home for the afternoon. Unfortunately I had a lot of homework to finish up, but we loved the rainy afternoon, being lazy around the house, and making tasty sandwiches for dinner. We watched one of Grammy and Papa's favorite t.v. shows together and played several rounds of Sequence and Dominoes before finally calling it a night.

Monday morning we woke up and I enjoyed having breakfast and coffee with Grammy and Papa before they let us do a few more things around the yard. Grammy fixed us another great meal and we sat talking around the table and enjoying looking out at the rainy lawn. We loved our fun and relaxing time together, and are already looking forward to visiting next month over the holidays. Matt and I both are so blessed to know and have great relationships with our grandparents.

We drove South through rain to get home, but enjoyed our time in the car listening to new podcasts and thinking about all of the things to come the next few months. For dinner, we grabbed a few sandwiches and got to visit Matt's Brother Mike, Sister-in-Law Ann, and their girls at their new home in Frisco. We were so tickled by three adorable little girls spilling out of the front door and running to greet us at the car- and we always love getting more time to catch up and talk with Mike and Ann. Their new home is really wonderful and it was neat to eat dinner together and be able to get home in the same night. We are so glad they are in Texas now!

It was a bit of a whirlwind trip, but we packed it to the brim with great family time!

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  1. That last picture of your Grammy is precious! She's so sweet and I can't believe she can touch a hot pot of boiling potatoes like that! Glad you had such a great trip! :)