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It is a perfectly quiet Sunday night, thunder is rumbling outside with a hopeful, but unlikely promise of rain, and while we have to wake up early in the morning for work, we figured now is a great time to put together a post on our plans from this holiday weekend spent in Nashville. 

When we heard that Paul Habegger, one of our college friends, was planning a wedding over Labor Day weekend we didn't want to miss out on the celebrations as he was someone we both knew and liked so well, and we knew many friends would be in town too. Flights from Austin were unbelievably affordable so we jumped on our chance to get to Tennessee. Libby was a bit disappointed that she missed some of her close girlfriends who were traveling with family, but both of us were pleased to have had the great reunions we did. 

We flew in late after working Friday, and Saturday relished sleeping in before driving down the scenic Route 100 for some comfort food at the famous Loveless Cafe. While the wait was right at an hour, as warnings noted, it was well worth it. (They also have several shops, cornhole games, and free peach tea and lemonade available to help ease the wait). The first thing to be brought out is this heavenly plate of warm biscuits and homemade jam. We won't even talk about how quickly we cleaned that plate, and that they just keep bringing more once you do! The peach jam was especially noteworthy. We were already well into a sweet tea and biscuit coma when our heaping plates full of fried chicken/steak, cheesy hash brown casserole, and fried okra arrived. We did our best on the food, and went on our merry way with to-go cups of sweet tea compliments of our waiter. I think the wait might be worse with a group, but we loved spending a leisurely Saturday brunch at Loveless. 

Back out on Highway 100, we drove through the beautiful countryside, along Belle Meade Plantation, and straight into Nashville to explore Centennial Park. It was very quiet and we took our time wandering around enjoying the scenery.

We explored the Parthenon replica that sits inside the park, and while it was a $6 entrance fee per person, it was well worth it to see something so out-of-place and in such large scale.

I loved the pretty little duck pond and the walking helped with the food adventure from before ^. 

After driving through Downtown, we headed back to Brentwood to rest in the hotel. Matt enjoyed the start of college football and the ten ESPN channels the hotel had while Libby caught up on homework.

Paul and Rachel were married in a pretty little community church, and their ceremony was an incredibly meaningful mix of faith and family tradition. The ceremony started with the blowing of the shofar, the bride circling the groom, and the couple recited their vows under the chuppah that Paul had built for the occasion. After Paul broke the glass and the celebratory cheer of mazel tov was shouted, we drove down the road to Harpeth Hills for the reception.

 It was our first time to see the traditional chair dance, and we all loved seeing how much fun the families had celebrating. It was a great chance to catch up with college friends and hear how careers, travels, and moves are going.

 After the couple was sent off, we stuck around with everyone to help tear down the reception, and Matt went to spend several more hours watching football and talking with the guys at the hotel.

Sunday we went to church and had lunch with several who had been at the wedding. After goodbyes, we changed and brainstormed ways to spend the rainy afternoon. Matt agreed to take me to Belle Meade Plantation to look around but neither of us were too wild about paying the $32 fee to join the tour.

We did enjoy walking through the grounds, seeing the historic Harding cabin, and watching the horses. 

We drove around gorgeous old Nashville neighborhoods, exploring different shops, and checking out the Vanderbilt Campus. We stopped into the Frothy Monkey for a Hazelnut and Banana Ice White Mochas and to use some wifi to scout out where to drive next.

 After more exploring, we drove to Tavern, the designated reunion dinner location for meeting with Libby's college roommate, Leigh Counts. Leigh's parents, Jim and Shelia were in town from Arkansas, and her boyfriend Tim also came. It was a ton of fun to hear about what everyone is currently doing, and then to share in stories from the past. Rooming together all four years, including living in Italy and traveling Europe together meant sharing in so many awesome memories. Two years since the last time together was too long, and hopefully it won't be two more!

 We woke up at 3:30 this morning to catch our flight back and have been lazy all day - watching shows, eating tacos, and blogging :) Pretty great way to spend the holiday weekend!

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