Celebrating our 2nd

Today was a day spent counting the blessings that this year has held. We have had great adventures, a lot of time to enjoy the company of family and friends, a new apartment to call home, blessings in the continuity of our jobs, health, incredible travels, and it seems like the happy days have significantly outweighed the hard ones. We had so much fun celebrating our marriage all day, and as per usual, Matt completely spoiled me with the festivities. 

We ate dinner at Fonda San Miguel, a unique interior Mexican restaurant that is all about aesthetics. If the lush garden parking lot and ornate door didn't give it away, the live parrot in the colorful atrium is the next clue that they mean business. The walls are all hand-painted in bright patterns, and the dishes are a very interesting departure from the normal TexMex fare we find around here. 

As if dinner wasn't enough, Matt had a very thoughtful gift and fresh flowers waiting for me too. He knows from my not too subtle hints that my favorite way to get flowers now are the adorably quirky, and more affordable, fresh cuts from Whole Foods. I love how different they are each time and because I am so crazy about flowers, I have fun rearranging them too. 

I was able to get convince him to let me buy him some fun new shoes, which I guess is as close as I may get to returning the favor for all the flowers. 

I forced him to into this photo op to mark the day, and thankfully he kindly obliged - I don't want a year to go by without capturing at least one anniversary picture together. 

We are so thankful for our happy friendship, thank God for the time together, and pray for many more years to come! 

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