Celebrating the 4th

This was our second year to stay close to home for this summer holiday, and while we hated to miss the annual festivities in Atlanta again with Matt's family, we got to enjoy a really nice day in Houston with mine. After sleeping in, we grabbed Starbucks, turned on an interesting podcast, and hit the road. We were really happy to meet the two special brothers who have recently joined the Heyen household, and marveled at the how many boys mom now has to keep up with. The family had taken the two collector cars to the village parade in Houston that morning, so we took a photo op in the Model A Ford while it was sitting out.

Of course, there was a ton of good food to be eaten even in our short time there. My small contribution were these patriotic looking berries and whipped cream cupcakes - you know me, any excuse for a baked good. After lunch, the boys had friends over and the whole troop of guys hanging around the house played video games, had a big basketball game, went swimming, and ate an incredible amount of hotdogs. The guys were also busy packing for Trek in Colorado the next day and a respective trip to a cousin's house, so there was a lot of excitement and laundry laying around. 
We left around 7 so everyone could focus on preparing for their trips. Our timing was perfect as we were just pulling into Austin as it was growing dark enough for the fireworks to get going. Rather than run out to a show, we drove back to our apartment and took the elevator to the top of our parking garage - which put us about as high up as you can go in North Austin and gave us a simultaneous view of the Round Rock, Cedar Park, and Austin shows. We had a handful of neighbors that had the same idea, and it ended up being a fun and relaxing way to join in celebrating Independence Day. 
We are thankful for the U.S. of A.,  vacation time and food to enjoy it with, and the opportunity to celebrate with our newly-expanded family! 

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