The Start of Summer

While we aren't crazy about the hot weather that comes this time of year in Texas, we always seem to have a ton of fun to look forward to when the summer months roll around. 

Matt brought these home for me when he ran out to the store to pick up guacamole...let's all give three cheers for my awesome husband who puts food and flowers on the table! 

We had planned to spend a weekend at the Baur Cabin in Missouri over Memorial Day Weekend. Unfortunately a storm blew into town right as we were trying to fly out, we got drenched and security pat downs because of our soaking clothes, the airport got struck by lightening and shut down, and when it became a free for all sprint to catch the next flights for Dallas and we failed..four different times, we threw in the towel (not really, we would have killed for towels) and drove home in the rain.  Instead of a weekend at the land, we ended up holed up at home watching Star Trek. We went to brunch at Kerbey Lane, took in a movie (new Star Trek), cooked together, and had so much fun resting for three gloriously lazy days. 

This summer we have already had a steady stream of special visitors stop by town. We loved house hunting with the Baurs, hosting Natalie and Jamie for an evening full of Austiny fun, having the Heyens in town, catching dinner with Heidi and Tyler, and having a lunch with Karen, Patrick, Janie, Mimi, Aunt Jan, Uncle Wayne & Aunt Judy. 

We are crazy about our new apartment and spend many of our nights enjoying our new digs or trying to take advantage of the workout studio and pools. I love going to evening strolls around the Domain and people watching while we are at it. 

We don't pay for cable, so for the first few games of the NBA playoffs, we watched in the gym or by the pool on the outdoor TVs. That's right... poolside t.v....we love this place!

My family came over for a Saturday. As an early Father's Day Gift for Dad, we took the guys to all a high-speed indoor go-cart race track. Here is a picture of the guys gearing up. Notice Konrad in this one...hahahaha.

We walked around the Domain, ate at one of our favorite restaurants, and had fun catching up.

Top Golf opened across the street in April and Matt has been able to take advantage of it a few times now. It seems like there are endless entertainment options in this town. One special spot we love is Bess Bistro and we went a few weeks back... I can't get enough of their beignets and the cozy little French Quarter feel makes a Tuesday night seem like a special occasion.

Fun Restaurants... Fresh Summer Peaches... Lots of Pool Time... 

Summer is already off to a wonderful start! 

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