A Wedding Weekend in the Natural State

 Our trip to Arkansas for Mark and Courtney's wedding was one we had been looking forward to for awhile as a great time to be reunited with family as we watched the Baur family become a complete set. We started our long drive Thursday after eventful days of work, crashed for the night in Little Rock, and woke up Friday morning ready to see everyone! 

We made a short drive into Searcy for coffee at Midnight Oil with Natalie. After a chat and Mr. Blonde, we enjoyed the pretty, quiet country drive to Paragould and were excited to arrive and get to play with our nieces and reconnect with everyone. Tim and Ann hosted a fun Mexican fiesta rehearsal dinner packed tight with excited friends and family. It was a late night for everyone with the guys out at Superman and the girls up late talking in the hotel.

Saturday morning was quiet as everyone prepared for the big event and took time getting ready. With family pictures down, we watched everyone arrive and admired the warm country feel Courtney and crew had created in decorating the church. The entire wedding was a very sweet celebration that reflected the bride and groom so well.
I missed quite a bit of the ceremony spending time out in the lobby with Jane, Ann, Mercy, Glory, Grace and David with baby Beckham - which I know will become a special memory for me. It is exciting how quickly the family has grown just since I joined a few years ago. Matt and I both adore our nieces and seeing them play, and are giddy that they will all be nearby in Texas soon. 

We were very thankful for such a great extended family and a great event to celebrate together. One of my favorite weekend highlights was Matt's speech at the rehearsal dinner; my husband's humor and heart never fail to amaze me. Thankfully we all got to witness the last of the notorious 'bird' story as Patrick completed the run. I think my cousins still think I ripped the wings off of a bird thanks to that family tall-tale. 

Okay, I didn't mean to leave out the guys... but I had to highlight how much I love the Baur/Reeder/Tabor/Merritt women, (girls are also better about posing for pictures together). I admire all of them so much and feel incredibly lucky to have married into these friendships.
Loved capturing this moment as the Baur men watched Courtney make her entrance! Matt had been Mike's best man, Mark was Matt's best man, and Mike brought everything full circle by being Mark's.
I had fun trying to help Ann get the girls ready Saturday morning. Curling Glory's hair reminded me of a time when my aunts sat me on a counter at Grandpa Heyen's to fix my hair; I feel pretty special to share in moments like these. The girls are so full of energy and were precious in their coordinating dresses. Glory and Mercy were the flower girls and did a perfect job of throwing the petals above their head with enthusiasm and emptying their entire baskets at the end of the aisle.

After the reception we drove back to Searcy to spend an the night with Garrett and Bethany Philpot. It had been so long since we had time together, but Bethany is the type of friend who not only has a delicious meal and homemade cinnamon rolls waiting when you arrive, but one who makes you feel comfortable to walk right into her kitchen after a year and pick up conversation where you left off last.

Sunday morning we went to church together at Downtown, ate more cinnamon rolls, then Matt took me to Starbucks so I could download case studies to finish my homework on the the road.  
We took a stroll around campus together and admired how peaceful and pretty it can be in the summertime. 

David Walker had his 30th Birthday over the weekend, and to celebrate, everyone threw him a huge, Oklahoma themed party.... complete with a mechanical bull in the front yard! The food was delicious, everyone had hilarious headdresses, and we had a hard time pulling ourselves away to drive home.

On the way out of town I even got to swing by the Hackney's and catch up with Sarah and her family for a few short but sweet minutes. Our drive home went pretty well - I had an all time grad student low when I had to have Matt pull into a McDonald's parking lot at 10 p.m. so I could use the wifi long enough to turn in a paper last minute. Counting down the months now until that won't be a worry anymore! Glad to have another fun road trip together in the books and to have been a part of a perfect June wedding! 

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