We Moved!

Last month we moved to a new apartment! It was a crazy month with work events and travel, and poor Matt had to clean out our old apartment all alone. We were thankful to have Karen, Patrick & Janie to help us move the big items on the weekend. We are keeping ourselves busy with getting things into place and decorating our new home. 

 We are already having a great time in our new place, which is within walking distance to Matt's office. It takes 7 minutes from our door to his desk! It now only takes me 10 minutes to drive to my office. We live in one of Austin's big shopping centers, the Domain. We have already enjoyed walking to Starbucks for a treat a couple of times or to our favorite shops or dinner. 

The Domain has a courtyard with beautiful live oaks that all of the restaurant patios open up to. It is going to be a fun living experience for us! 

We have a beautiful lap pool on our side of the complex, some great workout facilities, and a beautiful pool on the other side of the road. Our goal is to make good use of the facilities and get fit this summer! We also love that we now drive up to the third floor and have a secured and covered parking garage after incurring hail damage and getting a window broken out at our last place. 

We are thankful for our fun little home and hope we can host lots of friends and family in it soon! Message us for an address update! 

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