Vancouver, British Columbia


For quite awhile we have been fascinated with the Pacific Northwest and have been anxious to visit. When Matt happened across low ticket prices last fall, we decided to book a big birthday getaway using Delta Miles. Since it was MLK weekend, we had an easy time getting off some extra time off. We had a fun time flying from Austin to Minnesota to Seattle, and arrived late on a very foggy night. By the time we made our way to our hotel, it was already Friday morning and we had only a few hours until we had planned to be back on the road and on our way to Canada! 

Friday we woke up very early and hopped in our rented Prius :). We tried to take scenic Chuckanut Drive that winds along the Puget Sound, but sadly the fog kept us from seeing much of view we came for. We did enjoy the little towns and incredibly green forest as we made our way North, and would recommend the detour. It didn't take long to make it to downtown Vancouver.

 We found a map, and then a warm coffee shop to sit in and plan out our day. We had European sipping chocolate (which is exactly like drinking a warm chocolate bar) before walking in and out of shops and driving through Chinatown and other nearby neighborhoods. 
Later in the morning we crossed over to Granville Island, a quaint little gathering of shops, galleries, and a large fresh market. We chose our lunch from different stalls and admired all of the produce and flowers while looking out over the water. 

After lunch we drove around to Stanley Park, which was very scenic with totem poles and excellent views of the city and mountains. We drove on across Lionsgate Bridge and out to Lighthouse Park. The walk to the lighthouse was through an incredible forest and we loved seeing the huge ferns and giant trees. The views from the point were breathtaking. 

We left Canada in the late afternoon and spent 45 minutes waiting to get back through the border crossing. The lines at the crossing can get pretty bad, and there are alternate routes and updates you can check to try to avoid backups at peak times  I loved my first trip across our Northern border and we both enjoyed being such a gorgeous city; it really did feel like we had escaped to Europe for a day. Back in Seattle, we were so worn out we ended up getting a quick soup and sandwich from room service and falling asleep early to prepare for our next big day!

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