Seattle was our home base for our Northwestern adventure and we loved how quiet it was in the middle of January. Our perfectly cozy boutique hotel had unique touches like original artwork in all of the rooms, a hot cocoa bar in the afternoons, and lots of tea and coffee to help warm up the rest of the time. The weather was surprisingly clear and while it was helpful for our travel logistics, I was a little sad to not see at least a little rain in Seattle (call me crazy).

We are really glad we made Seattle our base of operations as it was so easy to fly into and out of, and travel to other cities was very convenient.  We rented a Prius, which actually gave us a parking discount, so that is something to look into with your hotel if you plan to travel soon.

Our hotel was only a few blocks from Pike Place Market, and it was very relaxing and enjoyable to wake up and walk up to the market and watch it as it opened for business. We would absolutely recommend a January trip for the mild weather and lack of traffic.

I of course wanted to see what all the fuss about the original Starbucks store was, and we were surprised to find it completely empty when we arrived at what is a very bare little storefront. The real treat was a few doors down, at Piroshky Piroshky, a Russian bakery that serves up terribly delicious pastries and these cheese and onion rolls that we loved. We walked in and out of tons of shops in the surrounding blocks whenever something caught our eye. Our favorite was this charming map shop.

Because we had started so early, we went back to the hotel to warm up, and then down to Pioneer Square. We then went back to the market and shared a cappuccino and macaroon at an adorable little french cafe. By then, a most of the shops in Pike Place were open.

 Sadly, we never actually got to see fish being thrown, but the fisherman have plenty of personality to keep the crowd entertained without the flying fish.

We took out our car and drove up to Kerry Park, a little hilltop park that serves as the quintessential photo spot, but the sky hadn't cleared as much as we hoped and we had a very lackluster and foggy view. We drove into the Capitol Hill area and explored the neighborhood, stopping in at this great bookshop. We ate lunch and then finally the sun arrived! Matt graciously drove me back up the hill to Kerry Park and we were rewarded with amazing views, although the mountain was still out of sight. 

Since it was still very clear we decided to ride to the top of the Space Needle. We had fun looking at each neighborhood and getting our awesome souvenir photo (ha!) The tour guides are apt to mention all of the awesome 90's/ early 2000's movies filmed in the area (Sleepless in Seattle, 10 Things I Hate About You, etc). 

  The afternoon was quiet, with some stops in the shops around our hotel and a walk to the Seattle Public Library. This library is truly an art museum as well, don't miss it!

The entire complex is several stories high and each level has it's own quirky and colorful design. We were so glad to have read about it; it was a memorable stop.

After the library we went back to first street and went into North Face - which made us really want to move somewhere we could use clothes like that again. We also stepped into Watson and Kennedy, a creative shop that had so many inspired ideas, eye-catching displays, and a wonderfully quirky mix of vintage and modern items. I loved the way they organized their goods by country theme - I would love to own a shop like this someday. 

We went back to relax in our cozy hotel room, and we finished homework projects and watching the football games. We ventured out again that night to Etta's a romantic little bistro with colorful blown-glass lights and delicious local food at the top of Pike's Place Market. I had crab cakes and brussel sprouts and would go right back the next time we are in town! We had fun talking through all we had seen; it was a great way to end the evening. 

Monday brought an uneventful flight home to Austin. We are so thankful we got to celebrate our birthdays in such a unique and memorable way. It is amazing how diverse our country is and that such different experiences are only a few states away! I can't wait for my next trip back Northwest!

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  1. The top picture could seriously be a cover for a Seattle Tourist magazine. You two are beautiful! Glad the trip was so amazing...these are memories you will cherish forever!